The Best New Features of the 2019 Jayco Silverline Caravan

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The Best New Features of the 2019 Jayco Silverline Caravan

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The new 2019 Jayco Silverline Caravan is a stand out in the caravan industry and the new elements introduced in 2019 make it a force to be reckoned with.

The top new features of 2019 include; the electric awning, new front boot & the interior design which we consider to be the most beautiful interior Jayco has ever produced. We explored these great changes, so you can see why we think this is the best Caravan on the market.

2019 Jayco Silverline Electric Awning

When it comes to the new 2019 electric awning, we’re excited to say, it is the easiest awning, we’ve ever had to use. Quite simply, turn it on, push a button and out it goes. No more manually pulling on a rope and getting your fingers caught in the ratchet on the way back in.

A handy feature is it comes with an app that you can download on your phone and use it remotely. You can control the lights as well, super easy to use.

Both sides of the awning are also adjustable for change in height or for water run off.

But if you forget to do this don’t worry, these new Awnings have the ability to dump water if water pools on the awning. If you have too much water collecting on the awning, it will automatically collapse one side to drop the water and then spring back up.

2019 Jayco Silverline Front Boot

When looking at the 2019 Jayco Silverline, the first think you might notice is that there is no traditional front boot. It is now a side style tunnel front boot with a pull out drawer. We’ve done this to make it easier, safer and more practical to put all your belongings and equipment in.

Underneath there is a pull out kitchen, fitted with a two burner gas cooker with later models to come with the sink. If space is a problem for you, you can delete the kitchen and have a big drawer fitted.

Another change for 2019 is we’ve moved the gas bottles to the other side of the van. This slide out system is unique to the Silverline range. One of the main benefits of the slide out gas bottle compartment is that it makes it easy and safer to take out the gas bottles. You are not leaning over, potentially hurting your back.

A really handy 2019 feature is the external storage compartment on the A-frame. Perfect for things like wheel chocks, bits of timber, hoses etc.

2019 Jayco Silverline Interior

We love the look of the new 2019 Jayco Silverline interior, so much so that we’re calling it the most beautiful Jayco ever made.

Some of the stand out features include the Matte black sink, stylish metal door handles with soft closing cupboards, New York tile style splashback and leather upholstery.

In the ensuite you’ll find a ceramic black sink, black tapware and highlighted black shower.

Inviting LED strip lights go around the top of the overhead cupboards above the dining area, really setting this part of the caravan off.

With all the beautiful décor & fancy lighting within this caravan, one of the benefits is you can now control it all with the new J-Hub app. You can turn the lights off and on at the convenience of wherever you are.

Come and see the all new 2019 Jayco stock, especially this 2019 Jayco Silverline at our yard, located at Watsons Leisure Centre in Coffs Harbour.

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