Holiday’s made easy in a Jayco caravan

Feel right at home every moment you’re away in a Jayco caravan. Featuring market leading technology , clever storage solutions and all the creature comforts you need in a modern space. A Jayco caravan gives you the freedom to travel frequently to you favourite places, or explore Australia as you like. Choose from the Jayco Freedom, Jayco Journey or the luxurious Jayco Silverline models.

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Leading technology

Our smart solutions have made the operations of your van effortless. Control your caravan by voice command or with a smart phone. Some features are optional in the Freedom, Journey and Silverline models.

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Extend your travel

Travel with the necessities for uncomplicated camping. Enjoy the convenience of a full kitchen, shower, toilet, spacious dining and euro-style furniture.


Feel at home

Our caravans boast ample living space and clever storage allowing you to move freely. Keep comfortable with air-conditioning, modern furniture and bedding.

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Customise your Caravan

Choose from several different layouts that alter the van based on what you need. Each model has a list of optional extras that improve the already impressive feature range of the van allowing you to make the most of your experience.


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Jayco Freedom

Affordability without compromising on quality

from $43,990*

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Jayco Journey

Freedom without compromise

from $51,990*

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Jayco Silverline

Luxurious comfort in Jayco’s flagship model

from $76,990*